IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangements) is a legal and court approved debt restructuring method that helps the applicant to clear his/her debt comfortably. The applicants could avoid consequences of bankruptcy, and allow to repay his/her debt at fixed terms, amounts and rates. We would appoint a qualified accountant as Nominee of the applicant. The Nominee would analysis and evaluate applicant’s debt profile and responsible for writing up a proposal, as well as the Statement of Affairs to all creditors. We would also engage a qualified lawyer for the applicant for applying an Interim Order from the court prohibiting anyone from engaging in any lawsuit against the applicant. When the creditor with more than 75% of total debts agree with the proposal, the applicant would start making repayments according to the recommendations. IVA takes an average of 3 to 7 years, depending on the applicant’s income and debt ratio.


  • Avoid all the consequences and limitations of bankruptcy
  • Not affecting your job (will not give notice to your employer)
  • Retain professional qualifications
  • Allow to operate your own business
  • Retain properties
  • Retain bank accounts
  • No supervision on departure


  1. Applicant’s Total Assets Value < Debt Value
  2. Applicant’s Monthly Income could not cover the Lowest Repayment Requirement after deducting basic living expenses
  3. Applicant has stable job income and does not prefer bankruptcy